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Powder Coating and Sandblasting in Edmonton

Protect your industrial assets against corrosion and expensive damages with our sandblasting and coating services—led by an experienced & highly trained Indigenous team. We provide powder coating and sandblasting services in Edmonton and the surrounding area. 

Extend the Lifespan of Your Industrial Assets

Replacing storage tanks, pipes, and structural steel when they’re damaged by corrosion is incredibly expensive and produces more environmental waste. Our sandblasting services will remove all corrosion, so we can apply a protective coating that’ll extend the lifespan of your industrial assets. You’ll spend less money on replacements, and you’ll have less stress, knowing your assets are protected.

Indigenous-Owned & Operated

As an Indigenous-owned business serving Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, we provide fulfilling career opportunities for band members within our Nation while offering quality, safe, and environmentally responsible services for all of our customers. Being part of Alexander Business Corporation allows us to give back to our community and assist in the economic diversification of our Nation. Our success trickles down into our community where more band members can grow in lucrative careers and improve the lives of their families, effectively creating prosperity for future generations.

Our Services

Throughout the project lifestyle, we’ll keep communication lines open and provide you with real-time, visible reports and performance metrics, so you’re never left wondering how your project is progressing. Managed by an experienced and committed executive team, all of our projects are inspected and receive a certification of corrosion solutions.

NACE Corrosion Inspection

Sandblasting & Surface Preparation

Painting & Coatings Application

A People & Relationships First

We don’t just provide a service; we build relationships. As a people-first organization, we’re committed to maintaining a high degree of customer and employee satisfaction. Knowing that we conduct business with integrity, you’ll always receive professional services with cost certainty. So you’ll never have to worry about hidden costs or ineffective communication.

About our Company

After seeing a demand for Indigenous-owned corrosion protection specialists in Alberta, Alexander Sandblasting and Coatings was born. Our vision is to create a beacon of excellence in the industry and provide band members with a career path that doesn’t involve moving away from the Nation. With our organization, they have a place amongst a leadership team who understands them and supports their growth.

Travis Drew


A pillar of strength in the quality assurance and quality control industry, Travis brings 19 years of experience as an inspector, advisor, specialist, and manager. Throughout his career, he has handled stressful and complicated projects requiring high levels of intelligence and understanding. In previous roles, he has delivered innovative ideas and solutions which have increased profits and improved efficiency, amongst other valuable contributions. Travis is a valuable asset to any team but also a collaborative and highly spirited leader. He brings a superior work ethic as well as admirable problem-solving qualities.

David Berrette


As the VP of HSE at ASC, David establishes, achieves and maintains a high benchmark of health, safety, and environmental performance both internally and for our external stakeholders. David has over 15 years of experience in elevating company culture with program and policy development, legislative adherence, and setting industry best practices. He has implemented his experience and passion for risk mitigation through behavioural-based safety, inspections and auditing, emergency preparedness, incident response, and effective claims management.

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