Alexander First Nation

Alexander First Nation

Located in Treaty 6 territory, Alexander First Nation (Kipohtakaw, Nehiyaw) includes three parcels of land: Alexander 134 near Sturgeon County, Alexander 134A near Fox Creek, and Alexander 134B near Barrhead.

We are a tight-knit and culturally-rich community, where members practice traditional teachings, support one another, and take pride in who we are. Everyone works together to improve the quality of life in the Nation.

Alexander is a strong, resilient nation driven by unity, respect, and pride.

Our Commitment to AFN

50% of all of Alexander Business Corporation’s revenue goes back into the nation, where the funds are used to support community initiatives. In addition, each employment opportunity we create trickles back into the community. And by kickstarting the careers of young adults and struggling members, we impact the entire economical structure of our nation.

Long-term, sustainable success is our main goal. We want to leave behind a legacy for future generations to continue to grow. The economic success we create now will improve the quality of life for our children, their children, and all future generations.