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Alexander Safety (ACC Division)

Safety Services Across Alberta & Western Canada

As a 100% Indigenous owned organization, our mission is to be the leading provider of Medical, Safety and Fire Protection services to all industries across Western Canada. This will create economic opportunities that will generate local prosperity, growth, and positive impact to our community.

Alexander Safety is committed to the betterment and prosperity of the Nation, and we are devoted to generating meaningful employment and training opportunities for Alexander members.

We utilize our professional expertise and state of the art equipment to consistently exceed industry standards and surpass client expectations. We commit to ensuring safety without compromising productivity.

For our trusted partners, we pledge to deliver industry-leading services. You not only support the growth and economic development of our community, but you also gain hands-on, 24/7 services to keep your crew and worksites safe.

Giving Back to Our Community

With part of our proceeds going back into the community, Alexander Safety services our clients and the prosperity of our nation. It’s our vision and mission to see Alexander members working in fulfilling careers while improving the livelihood of their families and their community. We work together to ensure the lasting success of our Nation.

Medical Services

We provide 24/7 healthcare support from all levels of care. Bringing support and care to projects of all sizes.

Fire Services

We are committed to providing quality,code compliant services in all aspects of fire & life safety systems.

Air Packs & Gas Monitoring

We provide sales,certification and maintenance of all breathing air & gas detection applications.

Other Safety Services

We Provide manpower and quality equipment to ensure optimal protection from atmospheric hazards and operational threats.

Safety Standards & Compliance

We understand the requirements necessary to operate with confidence and achieve compliance with legislation,worker training, and the development of streamlined and efficient processes to ensure success. Our “hands-on” approach for our clients is what makes our company truly unique..

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