ABC Governance

Alexander Business Corporation

Importance of a Governing Structure

We’ve created a new corporate bylaw for all ABC companies to adopt and implement! It also structures the boards to include:

  1. Elected leader on each of our companies to sit alongside Vaughn Paul and Jim Boucher
  2. A maximum of (3) board members per ABC-owned division / company
  3. No elected leader is paid an annual board sitting fee
Chief Arcand will remain on the ABC Board as Chairman, while the other elected leaders have been placed separately on ABC owned company subsidiary boards.

Benefits of our new Governance Structure

This strategy will assist our leaders in their understanding of our many businesses and will allow them to communicate better with shareholders, industry and members of our community. 

Overall, it also states that we want only qualified and knowledgeable First Nations experienced business professionals appointed on our boards as they can guide ABC to the level of success, diversity, and sustainability required for our future generation’s prosperity.

Board Member Biographies

Chief George Arcand Jr. (Chairman)

In the early 1980’s, George served Alexander as the Community Development Officer. That role provided him with an opportunity to engage with community members and gain firsthand experience working with the government. During his tenure as Community Development Officer and Tribal Administrator, George acquired much knowledge about governance and leadership that has guided him to this day. He now serves as Chief of the Alexander First Nation and Grand Chief of Treaty 6.

After many years spent with our Nation, an opportunity to join the Federal government arose. On the guidance of community elders and leaders, George took a position with the Canadian government to gain a better understanding of Crown-Indigenous relations. His time allowed him the opportunity to engage with and learn from Indigenous communities across the country.

Most recently, George served as CEO of Fort McKay First Nation, where he engaged with industry leaders and helped the community to capitalize on their economic opportunities.

These experiences have helped George become the leader he is today, and we have been so fortunate to have Chief Arcand sit on the ABC Board as Chair.

Jim Boucher, AOE

Jim Boucher is an influential First Nation leader in Canada. Under his direction, Fort McKay First Nation has been internationally recognized as one of the most enterprising Indigenous communities in the world.

Fort McKay First Nation (FMFN) is situated in the heart of Canada’s Athabasca oil sands. Mr. Boucher was the Chief of Fort McKay First Nation and Chairperson of the Fort McKay Group of Companies for three decades (1986-2019). He led his Nation to strategically take advantage of their geographical location by enhancing the community’s social and economic conditions. Jim initiated effective partnerships with industry and government and developed many successful First Nation-owned businesses that continue to create economic wealth and opportunity for the community.

im believes that preservation of FMFN’s traditional ways of life can occur alongside sustainable development. In 2020, Jim founded the Saa Dene Group of Companies to increase Indigenous Diversity and Inclusion through economic and social participation in the global economy.

Vaughn Paul, MBA

Vaughn Paul is Cree from the Alexander First Nation and has been the Chief Executive Officer of the First Nations Technical Services Advisory Group Inc. (TSAG) for the past 22 years. He is also the President of Arrow Technology Group, Kisik Environmental Services, and First Nations Benefits Brokers.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Athabasca University and a Masters of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University. He is also currently a PhD student in Civil Engineering at the University of British Columbia.

In his role as CEO for TSAG, Vaughn has worked with Indigenous communities to advance community strategic direction and develop and deliver programs tailored to community need. He has extensive experience building relationships and identifying opportunities for community growth.

Ian Arcand, President and CEO

Ian Arcand is a proven leader in the area of First Nation economic and Band enterprise development. Over the last 15 years, he has successfully led the establishment of several First Nation community business governance structures and operations that paved the way for creating diverse Band-owned businesses. These businesses have generated millions in own source revenue while also creating hundreds of employment opportunities for its nations members.

Having spent his career working with many different First Nation communities, Ian truly understands the unique complexity that’s required to navigate the social, political, and economic environment in order to create success. This skill set has led to Ian holding senior roles such as CEO & Executive Director and excelling at working directly with elected leadership and successfully building band owned businesses.

Ian is a proud member of the Alexander First Nation, he started his professional career in an Aboriginal Co-Management firm and holds the Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager professional designation from AFOA Canada along with a Business Management diploma from Grant MacEwan University.

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