Alexander HDD

Horizontal Drilling Alberta

Alexander HDD

Horizontal Directional Drilling Across Western Canada

100% Indigenous-owned, our HDD division trains, supports, and empowers members of Alexander to enter fulfilling and profitable careers in the Oil & Gas industry. Our partners and clients receive safe, detailed, and highly dependable services from committed and extensively trained team members.

When you join Alexander HDD, the training and learning never stops. Your safety is our top priority, and we ensure you’re fully trained and equipped before entering a jobsite. We also empower our team to voice questions, propose ideas, and collaborate with leadership. Joining Alexander HDD means you’re not alone. You’re supported and encouraged each step of the way.

For our partners, we maintain an open line of communication with each customer we serve. Our equipment is thoroughly inspected everyday. And we start each shift with a safety meeting amongst our team. When you choose Alexander HDD, you choose an organization committed to integrity, respect, and professionalism.

We Respect & Protect the Land

We are mindful of our cultural teachings around the work we complete and practice responsible resource development to protect the land. Along with our team’s safety, conserving the environment is our top priority. In addition, we work with and listen to the affected people in our areas of development. By keeping communication channels open and acting with integrity, we facilitate a respectful and productive work environment.

Directional Drilling

With the capacity to mobilize anywhere in Canada, we offer highly efficient, cost-conscious, and effective services for utilities, pipeline contractors, and facility operators.

Project Design

Our team has 20+ years of experience in planning crossings, successfully following client specifications, and meeting all project goals. We also minimize risk to the environment.

Fluid Management

Fluid management is a vital part of directional drilling. Our rigs are fully equipped with mud mixing vans, and our mud recyclers minimize waste products and mud additives.


We utilize our own fleet of tandem and tri-axle trucks with trailers to mobilize to and from sites. This reduces costs, saves time, and minimizes complexity of hiring third-party transportation.

Frac-Out Response

We operate with fully equipped contingency trailers, outfitted with sand bags, straw bales, erosion, effluent control barriers, pumps, and supporting equipment to eliminate unplanned fluid release.

Giving Back to Our Community

By creating opportunities for members of Alexander, we contribute to the success of our Nation and facilitate sustainable economic growth. Part of our proceeds go back into the community, where we help fund programs to improve our Nation.

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