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As a member of ACC, you’ll gain valuable experience and training in one of Alberta’s most profitable industries. And as a partner, you’ll become part of a mission-driven organization focused on community improvement and trusted services.


Industry Partners


Diverse Services


Leadership Members

We give back to our community, both through revenue and employment opportunities. And we have a strict pre-qualification process, meaning each member of ACC has completed extensive training and necessary qualifications. Pride, quality, and professionalism stand at the core of our work.

When you join ACC, you’ll gain valuable experience in a constantly growing industry. And you’ll become part of a mission-driven team focused on your professional development. You’ll also gain access to a competitive benefits package, incentive opportunities, and the privilege to help your Nation gain economic independence and sustainability.

We bring each of our professional and cultural values into the projects we complete, including respect, transparency, accountability, and community.




Hydro Vac

Matting & Bridges




Civil & Aggregates

Sanitation Services

Foundations and Piling

Non-Destructive Testing

Directional Drilling

Safety & Security

Survey & Line Locating

Camp & Catering


Labour Services

Working as a member of Alexander Labour, you’ll join a supportive, productive, and mission-driven team. You’ll also receive extensive training and full-time, secure employment, so you can improve the quality of life for both yourself and your family.

And most importantly, you won’t feel like just another number. You’ll be part of a Nation-owned organization focused on your career development and success.

As an industry partner, we’ll solve your staffing challenges. You’ll no longer have to worry about labour shortages, high turnover rates, or unreliable employees. Our team of extensively-trained members are committed to providing quality services that’ll exceed your expectations and follow our values and strict processes.

Contributing To Our Nation’s Prosperity

Both our members and partners will contribute to the success of our Nation. With proceeds going back into our community, each partner and member is an important facet of bringing sustainable economic success to Alexander First Nation. When we work together with respect and integrity, we not only create a productive and effective working environment. We also foster economic success that generations of Alexander members can continue to benefit from and grow.

Our Proud Partnerships

We have partnered with some of the leading companies in the Oil & Gas and Utility industries, including Pembina, TransCanada, Shell, and Chevron. Practicing safe and certified services, we’ve built strong relationships with each industry partner we’ve served. And we operate with integrity, high standards, and proven practices.

We also invest heavily in our community. So when you become an industry partner with ACC, you’ll also become an integral part of our Nation’s success. You’ll become part of our mission to gain economic diversification and see all of Nation members employed in fulfilling, high-growth careers.

Quality Assurance

We maintain all the necessary certifications for quality assurance and health and safety. We’ve also developed strong processes and practices to ensure you receive the best and safest work possible. Each process is regularly monitored and audited.

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